Image module
Differential pressure on the board when openedNo pressure difference
Leakage rate of valve body and valve seat≤5.3×10-7Pa.L.s-1
Number of first maintenance cycles10000
Body baking temperature≤150℃
Mounting positionDrive body horizontal or vertical actuator on
Power supplyAC 220V/380V 50Hz,6W or DC 24V,3W
Air source pressure0.5~0.7MPa
Valve opening or closing timeAccording to nominal diameter
Valve position indicatorWith switch position

This series of valves is based on pneumatic and electric two driving methods. It has reasonable structure design, smooth operation, small impact vibration, reliable use, good sealing performance and long service life. It is one of the preferred valves for large vacuum equipment automation. The valve is a pneumatic actuator or an electric actuator that pushes the push rod, and the push rod links the hinge mechanism to drive the hinge to realize the opening and closing of the valve.

The hinge mechanism is used to amplify the stroke of the valve and increase the arm; the four-wheel support movement mechanism has stable motion and low movement noise; the fork structure reduces the friction loss of the valve, so that the valve opens and closes smoothly, and the seal is increased; the sealing ring is fluoro rubber. , The seal is reliable, the gas release rate is low; the whole valve adopts the stainless steel internal section welding, and the leakage rate is small.

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