Image module
Nominal diameterDN15~500
Nominal pressurePN1.6~10.0MPa ANSI 150~600lb
Medium temperature-60~450℃
Connection methodFlange, clip type (DN ≤ 50 )
Valve bonnet typeStandard type
Body materialWCB、CF8、CF8M、CF3M
Core material304、316L、304+ Stellite、316L+ Stellite
Sealing material304+PTFE、304+ Stellite、316L+ Stellite
Flow characteristicsQuick open
Leakage – Hard SealANSI Class V、VI
Leakage – Soft SealANSI Class VI

ZSHVE series “V” eccentric ball valve adopts a unique eccentric structure, which has the characteristics of compact structure, good sealing performance, long service life, and both functions of adjustment and cutting; the seal ring is available in soft seal and metal seal. To meet the requirements of different working conditions; simple flow path, large flow capacity, adjustable ratio of 100; V-shaped ball and seal ring in the closing moment of a shear occurs, can cut off the fibers in the media and extruded particulate matter, Especially suitable for pulp, sewage and other media containing fiber, particulate matter, widely used in chemical, electric power, paper making and other industries on the process media cut-off or regulation control.

V-type eccentric ball valve selection sample download