Image module
Nominal diameterDN15~500
Nominal pressurePN1.6~16.0MPa ANSI 150~900lb
Medium temperature-29~425℃
Connection methodFlange type
Valve bonnet typeStandard type
Body materialWCB、CF8、CF8M、CF3M
Core material304、316、316L、304+WC、316L+WC
Seal materialC-PTFE、PPL、304+WC、316L+WC、
Flow characteristicsQuick open
Leakage – Hard SealANSI Class V、VI
Leakage – Soft SealANSI Class VI

ZSHO series “O” on-off ball valve is a two-piece ball valve structure. The valve body is composed of main and auxiliary parts. The valve seat has small wear, excellent sealing, long service life and extremely strong cutting performance. The core adopts full diameter, large rated flow coefficient and small flow resistance. Soft seal seat seal material is carbon fiber reinforced PTFE; hard seal ball core, seal surface treated with tungsten carbide spray, with strong wear resistance. Seat-retaining structure design maintains the stability of the torque; the bottom-mounted stem anti-fly-out design, the valve seat seal fireproof, anti-static design.

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