Image module
Nominal diameterDN15~300
Nominal pressurePN1.0~1.6MPa ANSI 150lb
Medium temperature-30~150℃
Connection methodFlange type
Valve bonnet typeStandard type
Body materialWCB+F46?or PFA、CF8+F46 or PFA
Core material20+F46 or PFA、304+F46 or PFA
Seal materialPTFE
Flow characteristicsQuick open
Leakage – Soft SealANSI Class VI

ZSHOF series “O” type fluorine lined ball valve is a full-diameter ball valve structure. Using a special moulding process, the inner wall of the valve body and the ball core lining fluorine plastic can resist the corrosion of strong acid and alkali medium, mainly used to cut off or connect the corrosive medium in the pipeline, and can be used for the regulation and control of the fluid; the sphere is The integrated design of the valve stem eliminates the difference in rotation angle; the metal limit structure at the connection between the main and auxiliary valve body, the valve body and the stuffing box, makes the valve seat sealing ring reasonably preloaded and limited, and maintains the torque stability; High-performance dual-piston rack and pinion structure, high transmission efficiency, compact structure or electronic electric actuator.

O-lined fluorine on-off ball valve selection sample download