Zhejiang Yongsheng Co., Ltd. is elected director of China Instrument and meter Association Automation Instrument Branch.

                      In October 19, 2017, the seventh session of the seventh session of the China Instrument Association Automation Instrument Branch (expanded) conference and the automation instrument industry conference was held in Fuzhou, and Zhang Shaoming, vice president of the Polytron Technologies Inc and Zhang Shaoming, the marketing manager of ?Zhejiang Yongsheng Co., Ltd.was invited to attend the meeting.

                      Meeting venue

                      At the beginning of the meeting, the association and industry experts of the meeting passed the proposal of the China Instrument and Instrument Industry Association Automation Instrument Branch on the supplementary governing unit, and Yongsheng technology was elected as the director unit of the Automatic Instrument Branch of the China Instrument and instrument industry association by virtue of its domestic popularity and influence in the industry. Following the working meeting, we listened to the report of the 2016~2017 annual work of the Automatic Instrument Branch of the China Association of instruments and instruments and the work plan of the 2017~2018 year.
                      This election is not only an affirmation of Yongsheng technology’s long-term commitment to the instrumentation industry, but also puts forward higher requirements for Yongsheng technology. In the face of the trust of the leaders and colleagues in the industry, Yongsheng technology will continue to improve its self, continue to carry out technological innovation, provide more quality products and services for the customers; on the other hand, it will support the work of the instrument industry association as always, and continue to open up the field of automation instruments with other member units. The cause of China’s instrument and instrument has been brightening.

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