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May 2017

Completed the company’s renovation and expansion project; built three production bases with an annual output of more than 50,000 sets of control valves, an annual output of 5,000 tons of resin sand castings and an annual output of 1,500 tons of all-silica sol castings.

August 2016

The company carried out the theme activity of “promoting the spirit of craftsmen and building the Yongsheng brand” for internal management and promotion

December 2015

Zhejiang Yongsheng Co., Ltd. successfully listed the new three board

December 2015

Company participated in the review and draw up the GB/T213 (National Control Valve Standard).

January 2015

R&D center founded—— Hangzhou Yongsheng Co.,Ltd.

July 2013

The company was named “Top Ten Social Responsibility Construction Unit” in Fuyang City

January 2013

The brand of “Yongsheng” has been awarded as the famous trademark of Zhejiang Province.

October 2009

The new type intelligent control valve pass the appraisal of new products (7 national patents)

October 2008

Company has been awarded as “The national key support high-tech enterprises”.

June 2008

The company was named “Zhejiang Key Growth Enterprise”

May 2007

Company’s products control valve, ball valve, gate valve and butterfly valve have obtained Class A, Class B special equipment manufacturing license

August 2005

Company becomes the qualified supplier of Sinopec & CNPC

January 2004

Company relocated in the new factory which in the FuyangLushan industrial park.

November 1997

FuyangYongsheng Instrument Co., Ltd founded.