Zhejiang yong sheng technology Co., Ltd. http://www.acropolispc.com?lang=en Wed, 06 Apr 2022 08:00:41 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.7.23 Zhejiang Yongsheng Co., Ltd. 2nd Craftsmanship Launch Ceremony and “Chuanyi Cup” Recognition http://www.acropolispc.com/news10/?lang=en Wed, 07 Mar 2018 06:59:44 +0000 http://www.acropolispc.com/news10/?lang=en In order to better train high-quality technical and technical personnel, carry forward the spirit of craftsmen and make Yongsheng brand bigger and stronger. On August 30th, Zhejiang Yongsheng Science & Technology Co., Ltd. held the second phase of artisan spirit launching ceremony and “Chuanyi Cup” commendation meeting held in the metalworking workshop. .

Chairman Zhang Yongliang delivered a speech at the launch ceremony

At the launching ceremony, Zhang Yongliang, chairman of the company, delivered a speech. He proposed that promoting the spirit of craftsmen is an inherent requirement for building the Yongsheng brand, a practical requirement for advancing the company’s sustainable development, and an important measure for building a high-quality workforce. The majority of employees must learn the superb professional skills of the “Yongsheng craftsmen”, the professional qualities of excellence, and the professional spirit of love and respect for the company. This will inexhaustibly motivate the development of the company and make the spirit of craftsmen become the mainstream awareness and spiritual coordinates of every employee.

Executive Deputy General Manager Wu Caiyuan took photos with the honored employees

At the “Chuanyi Cup” commendation ceremony, outstanding employees who had been silently dedicated to the construction and development of Yongsheng Science and Technology have received due recognition. In this year’s National Instrumentation Contest and the redevelopment and expansion of the plant, the outstanding employees of the company have been commended by the company’s leaders. They hope that they will continue their efforts, continue to learn, continue to innovate, promote the spirit of artisans, and call on all employees of the company to learn from them.

The spiritual activity ceremony of the artisans and the “Chuanyi Cup” commendation ceremony were successfully concluded, motivating all employees of Wing Shing Technology to cultivate the temperament of the times with the spirit of artisans, and to achieve spiritual life with consummate skills. The values, growth and development will be reflected in the great journey of “Yongsheng Manufacturing”. , show its charisma, and lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of Yongsheng.

Zhejiang Yongsheng Co., Ltd. – Blood donation http://www.acropolispc.com/news9/?lang=en Wed, 07 Mar 2018 06:58:09 +0000 http://www.acropolispc.com/news9/?lang=en On September 8, Zhejiang Yongsheng Co., Ltd. actively responded to the unpaid blood donation call organized by the Lushan Sub-district Office. Nearly 20 employees enthusiastically enrolled for voluntary blood donation activities. Everyone interpreted the spirit of caring society and selfless dedication with practical actions, conveying Love and strength.

At 8:00 a.m., employees participating in blood donation queued up early in the Lushan Sub-district office. At the scene of donation of blood, the staff patiently answered questions about blood donation and informed them about the donation of blood. Our staff completed the form, registered, measured blood pressure, blood tests, and collected blood in an orderly fashion… actively cooperated with the medical staff to complete the physical examination and blood type tests. The atmosphere is light and lively. It is understood that many of them have already participated in voluntary blood donation activities for several years in a row. This kind of selfless devotion is worth learning for all employees.

Through this activity, Yongsheng employees demonstrated their excellent quality with the help of blood, and used their actions to contribute love and strength to society. As a manufacturer of high-quality industrial valves, Yongsheng provides safe and reliable industrial valves to the society. It also uses its own constant love of blood to give back to those who need it.

Yongsheng Welcomes “National Day” Basketball Tournament http://www.acropolispc.com/news8/?lang=en Wed, 07 Mar 2018 06:39:52 +0000 http://www.acropolispc.com/news8/?lang=en From September 12 to 20, the 9-day Lu’an Street Trade Union “Welcome to the National” Workers’ Basketball Games in Fuyang District came to an end. The Yongsheng Basketball Team achieved great results after fierce competition.


The staff basketball competition was organized by the Lushan Street Federation of Trade Unions. It aims to invigorate the leisure life of the employees of the company, promote the unity and upwardness of the employees, and work hard to promote the full implementation of the fitness exercise for employees and the development of spiritual civilization construction. During the competition, the team members of Yongsheng consciously overcame the problems of injury and illness, heavy work tasks, etc., trained hard, worked hard, and researched technically and tactically. They adjusted their status to the best level within a limited period of time. Collaboration, wonderful goals, and beautiful cooperation occasionally caused the audience to cheer again and again.


In this competition, the Yongsheng team strictly abide by the rules of the competition, maintain the order of the competition venue, fully carry forward the spirit of solidarity, mutual assistance and courageous efforts of Yongsheng, enhance the team awareness and collective sense of honor of the employees, and invest in Yongsheng with a positive attitude. The construction goes.

Yongsheng was invited to participate in the 25th Kazakhstan International Oil and Gas Exhibition http://www.acropolispc.com/news7/?lang=en Wed, 07 Mar 2018 06:33:21 +0000 http://www.acropolispc.com/news7/?lang=en Zhejiang Yongsheng Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as YSMETER) attended 25th Kazakhstan International “Oil & Gas” Exhibition in Almaty, Kazakhstan in October, 2017, with the booth No. A 108. YSMETER exhibited the Pneumatic Low Noise Control Valve and Pneumatic Metal Sealing Ball Valve. Large interest was showed by both old and new clients, especially for YSMETER manufacturing capability which earned high praise.

Yongsheng Booth

Foreign trade department manager communicates with customers

Yongsheng Co., Ltd. Approved by National High-tech Enterprises http://www.acropolispc.com/news1/?lang=en Tue, 28 Feb 2017 01:55:50 +0000 http://www.acropolispc.com/news1/?lang=en At the beginning of the new year of 2018, Zhejiang Yongsheng Co., Ltd. received a notice and once again successfully passed the national high-tech enterprise certification and obtained the honorary title of “National High-tech Enterprise” (certificate number: GR201733002975).

High-tech Enterprise Certificate

The certificate was jointly issued by the Zhejiang Science and Technology Agency, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance, the Zhejiang Provincial Office of the State Administration of Taxation, and the Local Taxation Bureau of Zhejiang Province. It indicates that Yongsheng has a professional R&D team, strong technical strength, continuous innovation ability, and specification. The management of enterprises in the high-tech service industry has been recognized and recognized by the relevant national authorities.

This time, it is assessed as a national high-tech enterprise. Yongsheng will further promote the process of independent innovation and independent research and development, continue to introduce high-quality talent team, provide fundamental guarantee for independent innovation, pay more attention to independent innovation, protect intellectual property, and enhance the core of the company. Competitive power; further strengthen technological innovation capabilities, provide strong technical support for the sustainable, healthy and rapid development of the company, and strive to become a globally trusted leader in the field of flow control.

Zhang Yongliang, Chairman of Yongsheng, was elected Chairman of the Control Valve Industry Association of Fuyang District, Hangzhou http://www.acropolispc.com/news2/?lang=en Tue, 28 Feb 2017 01:55:24 +0000 http://www.acropolispc.com/news2/?lang=en On January 23, the Annual Meeting of the Control Valve Industry Association of Fuyang District of Hangzhou City and the General Meeting of the Board of Directors were held at the Fuyang International Trade Center Hotel. The meeting summarized the work of the Association in 2017, looked forward to the work of 2018, and elected a new board of directors. According to the voting result of the board of directors, Zhang Yongliang, chairman of Zhejiang Yongsheng Co., Ltd., was elected as the chairman of the third council of the industry association.

Meeting venue

As the president of the new council, Zhang Yongliang briefly reported the development trend and future development plan of the valve industry in Fuyang District in recent years. He said that the national industry must be rejuvenated, and the valve industry must implement technological innovation and product adjustment in order to develop. In the structure, we must vigorously develop and develop some valve products with high technological content, high added value, and international advanced level; the industry consolidation space is further expanded, and the valve downstream industries such as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and nuclear power have already been integrated to some extent, and the valve industry is currently concentrated. The degree is still low, the future valve industry will further enhance the integration space.

Speech by Zhang Yongliang

Over the years, under the leadership of Chairman Zhang Yongliang, Yongsheng upholds the corporate mission of “Making Fluid Transport Safer”, and through independent technological innovation, has continuously developed high-quality products that meet market demands. In addition, Yongsheng has always followed and supported the industry. Development, work together with regional companies to create regional brand advantages. Zhang Yongliang was elected as the president of this session of the council. He is not only an affirmation of the industry’s contribution to the development of the company and the industry over the years, but also a trust and expectation for his future social responsibilities.

Fuyang District Lushan Street Trade Union Held a Workers’ Medical Aid Meeting at Zhejiang Yongsheng Co., Ltd. http://www.acropolispc.com/news3/?lang=en Tue, 28 Feb 2017 01:54:58 +0000 http://www.acropolispc.com/news3/?lang=en On the morning of November 10, the Lushan Street Federation of Trade Unions held the Lushan Street General Trade Union Conference on the workstation of Hangzhou Yongsheng Science and Technology Co., Ltd. – Hangzhou CPPCC Committee. The leaders of the street trade union, the members of the street trade union, and some managers of industrial parks attended the meeting. meeting.

Meeting venue

At the meeting, Chen Binghong, chairman of the Lushan Sub-Council of Trade Unions, first publicized the notice of the General Labor Union of Fuyang District of Hangzhou about forwarding the “Notice on Further Strengthening the File Management of Difficult Employees” issued by Hangzhou Federation of Trade Unions, and revising the medical treatment of employees in Hangzhou. “Notice of the Implementing Rules of the Mutual Aid Safeguard Measures” notice, the street trade union will better serve the city’s trade union members, standardize the process of medical employees’ mutual assistance for participation in insurance and subsidies, and realize the benign operation of mutual aid funds. Subsequently, Huang Zhiping, Vice Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Fuyang District, combed and assigned the next step of the Lushan Street Federation of Trade Unions and answered the questions raised by everyone in response to the trade union issues.

Zhejiang Yongsheng Co., Ltd., as a member of the Hangzhou CPPCC station, focused on the work report of the Eighth Standing Committee of the CPPCC in Fuyang District, fully completed the work of the General Trade Union of Fuyang District in Hangzhou, actively fulfilled the duties of the CPPCC members’ workstations, and set up contacts with entrepreneurs. The bridge link of the grassroots.

Zhejiang Yongsheng Co., Ltd. was elected as a member of China Valve Association http://www.acropolispc.com/news4/?lang=en Sun, 03 Jul 2016 01:56:22 +0000 http://www.acropolispc.com/news4/?lang=en On the afternoon of November 2, 2017, the Standing Committee of the China Valve Association was held in Hefei, Anhui Province. Zhejiang Yongsheng Co., Ltd. was elected as a member of the China Valve Association.

The meeting was chaired by Secretary-General Song Zhongli of the China Valve Association. Secretary Song Song of the branch read the proposal on “advancement of four companies, including Zhejiang Yongsheng Yongsheng Company, as the members of the board of directors”. The meeting voted on this proposal. Representatives attended the meeting. Industry experts unanimously agreed to this motion. Zhejiang Yongsheng Co., Ltd. officially became a member of the China General Machinery Industry Association Valve Branch.

In recent years, Yongsheng has been committed to the development and manufacture of China-made control valves, providing safe and reliable domestic control valves for the majority of users. This time, when selecting the governing body of the valve association, Yongsheng will actively respond to the call of the China Valve Association and actively communicate and discuss in the industry. Together with other members and governing bodies, they will jointly contribute to the development of China’s valve industry.

New patterns brought about by the management system http://www.acropolispc.com/news5/?lang=en Mon, 02 Feb 2015 00:36:47 +0000 http://www.acropolispc.com/news5/?lang=en In 2017, it was a year for the development and innovation of Yongsheng science and technology. In October, Yongsheng science and technology ushered in the expert audit group to supervise and audit the company’s three system (ISO9001, ISO14001, OHS18001). This review is mainly directed at the new provisions of the new standard revision.
First, in the management layer, the standard 4 organization environment is communicated with the high level, and the functions of the leadership in the new and old standards and the process of the internal environment and quality management system in the enterprise are organically integrated.
Two. The 7.5 written information in the new standard combined the file control and record control in the old standard, and improved the way of keeping and keeping the documents and records.
Three, the user contract review, to product design, procurement management and Unqualified control unified to standard 8. In this provision, procurement terms are unified to 8.4 external processes, products and services control.
Four, the aggregate analysis of data, the use of customers, the satisfaction of both inside and outside, are unified to the 9 performance evaluation provisions.
Five. In the whole process, risk and emergency assessment run through the whole process. Under the new standards, this audit has been well applied.
To the above audit focus, Yongsheng science and technology conscientiously listen to the improvement proposals put forward by the audit group on the operation process of the quality safety environmental management system, and actively communicate with the experts, and strive to make the management level of our company a new step.

Zhejiang Yongsheng Co., Ltd. is elected director of China Instrument and meter Association Automation Instrument Branch. http://www.acropolispc.com/news6/?lang=en Wed, 04 Dec 2013 05:35:11 +0000 http://www.acropolispc.com/news6/?lang=en In October 19, 2017, the seventh session of the seventh session of the China Instrument Association Automation Instrument Branch (expanded) conference and the automation instrument industry conference was held in Fuzhou, and Zhang Shaoming, vice president of the Polytron Technologies Inc and Zhang Shaoming, the marketing manager of ?Zhejiang Yongsheng Co., Ltd.was invited to attend the meeting.

Meeting venue

At the beginning of the meeting, the association and industry experts of the meeting passed the proposal of the China Instrument and Instrument Industry Association Automation Instrument Branch on the supplementary governing unit, and Yongsheng technology was elected as the director unit of the Automatic Instrument Branch of the China Instrument and instrument industry association by virtue of its domestic popularity and influence in the industry. Following the working meeting, we listened to the report of the 2016~2017 annual work of the Automatic Instrument Branch of the China Association of instruments and instruments and the work plan of the 2017~2018 year.
This election is not only an affirmation of Yongsheng technology’s long-term commitment to the instrumentation industry, but also puts forward higher requirements for Yongsheng technology. In the face of the trust of the leaders and colleagues in the industry, Yongsheng technology will continue to improve its self, continue to carry out technological innovation, provide more quality products and services for the customers; on the other hand, it will support the work of the instrument industry association as always, and continue to open up the field of automation instruments with other member units. The cause of China’s instrument and instrument has been brightening.

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